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Who has resurfaced their in ground pool themselves? Any advice if so?

Author: - 13 July 2020 Category: Swimming Pool

robyn: Who has resurfaced their in ground pool themselves? Any advice if so?

mark: Not worth it. Unless you are an expert with a trowel and have the $35k machine to shoot the gunite I would just hire somone to do it right.

heather: Dont do it.

amb: Probably only a Plastering Guy … it’s not a common homeowner DIY

luke: Love to see you try.

alan: Call a Professional. You will need a machine to spray material. Know the mix for the material, prep surface correctly, a crew to trowel and once you start applying plaster you don’t stop or you will have a cold joint.


Who has resurfaced their in ground pool themselves? Any advice if so?

Who has resurfaced their in ground pool themselves? Any advice if so?

robyn: I have a commercial motar mixer.

alan: Please Plaster your own pool and video for us so we can see your mortar mixer in action. You obviously have it in you mind that you are able to do the work and save money. Prove us wrong if you are so bent on doing the work. By please video as well for us.

robyn: Ummmm I guess you’re a telepathic mind reader then? I’m not set on anything. I was asking if anyone has done themselves or had advice. Please don’t be a sarcastic twatwaffle.

alan: Twatwaffle now I’ve been called a lot of things but never that. I’ll give you that Robyn. In your post everyone is telling you not to do it but you keep posting, but I have this and I can do that. What do you expect? Just FYI, I plaster 60 to 100 Pools/Spas a year. Done it for 28 years. Know my limits of other activities. Just because I own a saw or screw driver doesn’t mean I should do my own electrical or carpentry. We in this group see to many do it yourselfers end up paying twice and were trying to be nice about the way we were telling you to not try and plaster your Pool. You in the other hand are being persistent about it so that is the reason for the post. Now please quit wasting our time and start plastering the Pool.

Actually I only said I have access to a motar mixer. I never said but I can do this or that I only posted once until you made a rude sarcastic comment. I wasn’t being persistent about anything. I don’t know what post you’re reading but it’s obviously not this one since I intially only commented once about the mixer.

margaret: hey Alan I’m thankful you’re on this page. I am finally getting the concrete poured around my pool. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t want it so slick people fall but I also don’t want it to be abrasive to the point it isn’t comfortable on people’s feet. Thank you in advance for any tips.

alan: margaret, tell the concrete finisher to do a broom finish.

margaret: alan, thanks for the advice that’s what he was going to do. Appreciate the validation!

susan: We just had ours resurfaced by professionals and watching them work, I don’t think it is a diy project. In my opinion this is not the thing you want to do yourself.

robyn: Apparently I joined the wrong group. I didn’t expect 3 people to be rude, laugh and give me sarcastic responses about my question cause I didn’t know this isn’t a usual project for home owners. Sorry I just became a homeowner with a pool last week and I’m not even sure if it even needs to be resurfaced. Just wanted to inquire because I’m making a bunch of updates to my home already. I figured well since I’m starting fresh with most everything else maybe I should add this to my list too. But apparently I’m not in loop and I guess I should’ve already known about this pool common sense after owning a pool for a week. Geez Louise!

linda: I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sure no one means to offend you. Personally I’m seeing some sarcastic humor. I’m still a relatively new pool owner and one big lesson I have learned, these water filled holes in our yards are money pits, granted fun money pits but still. Making the wrong decision in a effort to save money can cost a lot more in the end. Good luck with your pool.

robyn: When someone says “quit wasting our time and go plaster your pool” or “I’d like to see you try” “you shouldn’t do your own root canal”, “you have it in your mind that you can do it only to save money” well yeah if I’m capable of learning something to save money then I will, but if I can’t then I can’t. Hell I just taught myself how to do drywall this weekend to remove outdated texture on my walls and it cost me $60 in materials to do mmyself.Alan mentioned needing a machine to mix, so I mentioned that I had access to a commercial motar mixer. But instead of explaining the process I got lashed at and accused of being persistent about doing it myself and I wasn’t. It wasn’t sarcastic humor. I enjoy offensive jokes including dead baby jokes, sexist and racist jokes. I’m not easily offended by joking. I joined this group expecting it to be like home improvement groups I’m in and getting friendly advice and explanations from professional contractors and DIYourselfers. Sorry for being a novice. We had an above ground pool when I was a kid so my dad can help me with explaining chemicals and pumps and all that bullshit. I definitely want to update my waterline tile cause it’s outdated and I’ve done tile work before but I’m even afraid to ask for recommendations on types of tile I should use or if I need special grout cause I’m probably incapable of doing that too.

mark: Just ignore the jaded pool guys. They have been working alone in the sun too long. Look up pools being plastered and find a vid of professionals doing and you can see the process, and that there is usually a crew of guys that have been doing it for years. It’s a big undertaking. Your question is, can I do this myself, and the answer is yes, but it’s not worth it. I have been a pool guy since high school, and if I ever put a pool in my yard I’m going to hire someone to do the plaster.

robyn: Well because the crew obviously works for you right? You already pay them hourly/ salary. LOL.

mark: robyn, I don’t build pools. Just service and repair. In California you need 4 years at journeyman level to become a contractor so you can build pools here, plus pay the gov’t like $5k etc. Etc.
As a homeowner you can build a pool yourself as long as its to code and gets signed off by an inspector. However these are California rules, check your local codes to find out whats required in your area. Remember bonding, grounding, plumbing, rebar and concrete strength should be designed by a licensed electrician/plumber/engineer. Etc.

robyn: My pool is already built. I’m not rebuilding an extra one. Lol.

mark: robyn, is your main drain VGB compliant? If not replastering would be the time to bring it up to the safety code.

jeff: Did you mean an acid wash yourself instead of replastering? That’s totally possible…. but replastering, nope.

robyn: I didn’t mean acid wash. I know I can do that. And I know I shouldn’t do it alone and being a respiratory therapist and polysomnograph technologist I know to wear a respirator and protective eyewear. I figured after the acid wash process I’ll know if I need to resurface my pool with plaster or whatever else is available these days or not.

susan: We are new homeowners with an in ground pool that needed work, amongst a lot of other projects. We are still learning as this is our first time owning a pool. We called a few pool companies to get options and quotes. It was the general consensus that this was one project to not due yourself. It was a lot of money but as others have said one that needs to be done right. I understand your question as we had the same. Please try not to take comments personally. Take the good and ignore the unnecessary. Good luck! If you have any questions as we are still learning too, feel free to pm.

margaret: robyn, I think you also have to take into consideration there a LOT of Pool professionals on this site. If they give advice and it sounds snippy just know they have probably fixed a super DYIers mistakes 100 times.

Like yoI, I’m my own contractor on a pool build. (From scratch). The biggest lesson I’ve learned I should’ve taken the bid and let the pro do it. I wanted fiberglass and he wouldn’t do it so I took the project on myself. I don’t regret my choice of Pool material but this build is not for the faint at heart.

robyn: I don’t think I received any actual advice from anyone who was being rude. Mostly bullshit. Well if I end up needing a pool contractor I’m paying the guy who isn’t going to be an asshole. They should be glad they have customers who have fucked up, cause business is business. Just like if everyone was a healthy weight and had perfect lungs then I wouldn’t have a job either.

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