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Swimming Pool : Why can we get our chlorine up in our pool

Author: - 10 July 2020 Category: Swimming Pool

Liz: Why can we get our chlorine up in our pool. We have shocked and shocked and done everything by book. We are in the process of replacing our filter now, we got some sand back in the pool, prob from the filter but not sure. Help a gal out!

Swimming Pool : Why can we get our chlorine up in our pool

Swimming Pool : Why can we get our chlorine up in our pool

miranda: And you using liquid or grandular chlorine

liz: Granulated.

miranda: Stop using granular. Go to Wal-Mart and get the liquid chlorine ill never use granular again.

miranda: I had this same issue i couldn’t get my chlorine to read so i switched to liquid chlorine and it automatically started reading within an hour

mike: What’s your readings?

liz: PH 7.2, Calcium 210, Alkalinity 90, FC 0.2, CC 0.0

amb: CYA reading?

liz: it’s 45

darrel: add few gallons of liquid chlorine

derr: Put 10lbs in

liz: Again, thanks Derrick!we are going to try that! 🙂 my husband says you guys are going to get sick of us! Lol.

jason: Floc and vac to waste.

bruce: Tabs in shimmer

liz: We have them in there – we also have a chlorinator. We shocked w 10 pounds a couple hours ago. Will see how the levels are tomorrow.

darrel: putting tabs in the skimmer is a great way to ruin a pool,pump and or heater.

liz: darrel, really? Why is that? We don’t usually have them in there but since chlorine level is 0 we tried everything

darrel: very low ph level will eat anything metal, get an inline tab chlorinator or get a floater to put the tabs in.

liz: Darrel Barnett we have an offline chlorinator.

darrel: can use liquid chlorine to get level up fast, tabs are slow dissolving meant to help keep chlorine level not to increase quickly.

Liz, very low ph levels will strip metals can tun pool green/blue from copper being in the water and will eat up heat exchanger….pool professionals make a lot of money from people who have put tabs in skimmer replacing heaters.

liz: We had no idea. Thank you so much for the info! Appreciate that!

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