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Swimming Pool : Help! I don’t know how to turn the green back to clear

Author: - 07 July 2020 Category: Swimming Pool

Noella: Help! I don’t know how to turn the green back to clear, I have vacuumed it, shocked it 5x now, I tried the baking soda trick, I even put bleach in it right when I started filling the pool! It was clear until I put chlorine in it . & Then It Started looking like a swamp with green algae at the bottom and on the sides… Now it looks like I put food coloring in it but it’s clear!!! If anyone knows how to get rid of the green ASAP leave me a comment below!

Swimming Pool : Help! I don’t know how to turn the green back to clear

Swimming Pool : Help! I don’t know how to turn the green back to clear

maikel: First thing get a new filter.

amb: You will save yourself a ton of headache by changing that filter, for sure!

noella: It is a brand new filter.

andre: They mean a different type of filter. And a bigger one.

amy: Take a water sample to your nearest pool store.

alan: Minerals in the water. Did you fill it with well watet?

noella: Dug well.

alan: noella, definitely minerals. Most likely copper. Get some metal gone, Metal out, Metal free, what ever brand you can find and double or triple dosage. These products create a chlorine demand so watch chlorine levels twice a day. Backwash twice a day also.

amb: Looks like chemical reaction between copper/iron and chlorine… it will stain the filters but they can be rinsed off and let dry fully while another is in… let the flow of the water from the jet slow down a lot before you switch them out… also, if dyed blonde or kids with light blonde hair, be careful .. it may turn hair green too.

andre: My hair turned green once from swimming when i was a kid 😀

glen: You have metal content in the water I’ll bet. Take that pic, and water sample to the pool store. If I’m right, they will get you some stuff to take care of it.

andre: If it turned green when you added the chlorine it is a reaction to the metals in the water. Take a sample to a store or call someone to come out to have the water tested. Follow the instructions.

kim: I used a product called Green to clean, then shocked it and it worked miraculously!

owen: Get you a sand filter and salt water generator. Works wonders for me. I say that because it looks like you have a cartridge filter. My pool originally came with cartridge filter, I could not keep it clear. No problems since switching to sand filter and salt water generator.

ashley: We used metal and stain defense from Walmart. Was blue in a couple hours.

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