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Swimming Pool : Does anyone have any recommendations for pool alarms?

Author: - 11 July 2020 Category: Swimming Pool

Does anyone have any recommendations for pool alarms? I’m a new pool owner with 2 year old twins. We’re planning on getting a mesh fence but would like to have a pool alarm for added safety. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Swimming Pool : Does anyone have any recommendations for pool alarms?

Swimming Pool : Does anyone have any recommendations for pool alarms?

valerie: We have door sensors, so we here a beep/chime everytime any door leading outside opens! We also looked into the alarms that sit in the pool but I found some reviews iffy..

liz: which one do you have?

valerie: liz, ours is through Cox Communications, they came with outdoor cameras on the pool and indoor as well. With internet, cable movie channels we only pay $175 for all of it.

amb: I’ve seen a watch-style alarm before.. never used, but thought it was a great idea if I had small kids.

shane: I have an automatic pool cover. Anytime it’s not being used or cleaned… it’s covered. It will hold up to 500lbs. No way anyone is getting in it. I have a 1 and a 2.5 year old.

kalen: I worked for PCS and after every training we would weigh everyone and put them on the cover. We had 3200lbs on top of one our last training seminar. We have driven tractors onto them and the tracks started to give before the cover. They are amazing!

Check us out! https://www.facebook.com/Safe-at-Home-Swimming-Pool-Specialties-237950233427831/

boe: which one do you have? How much are they? All year around cover?

shane: JM, I have a CoverStar. I’m not sure what it cost because it was already installed when I bought the home. And yes, it stays covered all year long unless we’re using it or I’m cleaning it. It’s a huge relief knowing the kids can’t get in the pool unless I open it and can observe them. There are other bonuses to having the cover too. The pool stays much cleaner, a fence can be climbed, you have full control, an alarm is only good when you are close by, and the switch to operate it is in a locked box. Here’s the link to their homepage: https://www.coverstar.com/

victoria: We got these on our doors and also got chain locks. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old : amazon

tyra: I went straight for the fence because I was told alarms aren’t effective and since the fence was so costly I didn’t want to waste money! Your better off getting alarms on the doors to the house. I wanted an automatic cover originally but I still would have to worry about someone forgetting to close it or if I just wanted to run in for a second.

kalen: The cover being left open rarely happens. An alarm may alert you too late. In New York they made it mandatory to have a fence and a cover, fence and alarm or alarm and cover. The alarm wont be enough. An automatic cover saves lives. I wish you the best of luck and can advise you in anyway you may need for a cover:)

tyra: Kalen Edwards I agree totally about the alarm! We did the fence and love it! The cover is great but I like I can take my kids out of the pool close the gate and not have to cover it!

kalen: I have been in the cover industry for 16 years so of course I’m biased lol. I always picture someone climbing the fence. Impossible to climb under the cover. But I am happy that the backyard has a barrier between children and any pool! Very happy you are choosing safety!

melanie: Kalen can you please give me info on the safety covers? What is the cost?

jeff: I went through this last year with our new home with an inground pool. We have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I had nightmares just thinking of what could happen. So before we opened the pool last year i installed locks on the all the doors leading out, up high where the kids cant reach, door chimes, outdoor cameras with motion alerts to my phone, a water alarm if the surface tension of the water is broken and a removable mesh fence. Expensive but it was all worth it to me. Good luck.

tanya: The mesh fence with automatic closing gate is so nice to have. We have 5 kids under 11.. my 2 and 5 year olds can’t swim well yet… love being able to keep the gate locked at all times except when you are using the pool. And as you can see in the pic my 2 year old can’t reach the latch to open it even if it was unlocked. Nor can my 5 year old.

pool ideas

pool ideas

jeff: Our mesh fence. You’ll see along the grass we had to go with aluminum fence as the mesh cant be installed in dirt or grass. Unless you build cement footers. The mesh is great as it can be removed when swimming and the kids are under supervision

swimming pool

swimming pool

michel: I would definitely use fences, alarms, etc. Whatever makes you feel better. But I also 100% recommend ISR (infant swim rescue) lessons for your kids. They’re swimming lessons but actually teach young children, even babies, how to float & save themselves if they fall in water, God forbid.

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