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Pool Ideas : My beautiful pool :)

Author: - 13 July 2020 Category: Pool Ideas

Hello, I can answer questions about pools.

Pool Ideas : My beautiful pool :)

Pool Ideas : My beautiful pool 🙂

joseph: What is the part called that you tighten the rails down into the sleeves in the cement? I need to order new ones!

michael: Ladder anchor with wedge.

joseph: That seems to be the whole assembly that’s in the ground. I just need the bolt and the wedge. How do I find that online?

pool ladder anchor

pool ladder anchor

michael: The bolt should be able to get at a hardware store. Does the wedge need replacing too?


Kara: Hello. How soon after shocking a pool, to open it, should you test water levels? Pool water color is green. This is our first year opening a pool, bought it last year!

mike: Test it daily until it’s perfect

heather: 24 hours.

michael: Check out how to SLAM a pool on troublefreepool.com, good tips on general water chemistry and pool operations.

gleen: Good test kit a must. Like a Taylor k-2006.

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