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I have a 26ft round above ground pool and can’t seem to get rid of the algae off the bottom.

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I have a 26ft round above ground pool and can’t seem to get rid of the algae off the bottom. I’ve tried the slam method, bought a manual vacuum, made my own vacuum and now purchased a lil shark vacuum. I’ve also tried yellow algae killer, did absolutely nothing.
I have to have this pool ready before my son’s bday, I’m just throwing good money after bad money at this point. My chemical levels are perfect according to the local pool store.
I’m changing and cleaning the filter every 3-5 hours to keep it fresh.
We’re running a hayward LX with missile pro 1750 filter.
The water is Crystal clear until you stir up the bottom.
Thank you.

I have a 26ft round above ground pool and can't seem to get rid of the algae off the bottom.

I have a 26ft round above ground pool and can’t seem to get rid of the algae off the bottom.

troy: Yeah that looks like sand, reach in and grab yourself a handful

jeremy: There is some sand. But most of that is algae. I purchased a sand filter off Facebook, hooked it up and let it run 2 weeks not knowing it blew all 200 pounds of sand into the pool. Scooped 90% of it out.

andre: It definitely needs to be vacuumed out. Or removed some other way physically.

jeremy: Yea just don’t understand why my pump has such a hard time with vacuum hoses. It’s fine with the solar heater hooked up and all the extra stuff. But soon as I hook a vacuum line to it, the suction is super minimum

troy: Is there an air bubble in the pump? Don’t forget that the vacuum lines more than likely are full of air that you’re just sucking right into a vapor lock on your pump. I’ve had to learn to put my vacuum line in the pool completely and purge the air out of the line manually to get my pump to vacuum correctly.

jeremy: I think I’m purging it all, but it seems to always have a little air left in it.

troy: Might have a crack in the vacuum line somewhere that’s causing air problems too.

jeremy: I think it’s operater error lol. I got my lil shark to work, it just doesn’t get all areas. I have issues with the manual vacuum hose.

bree: jeremy, we use tennis balls to block all suction except for the port we use for vacuuming!! Good luck.




andre: The water looks good but can you give us the readings? Can you vacuum to waste?

jeremy: I’ll get a fresh reading in the morning, I just put shock in because it’s dusk. The only way it seems for me to get it up if to use just the hose opening. When I attach a vacuum head, it doesn’t get the suction needed. The lil shark seemed to work, but then it just kinda sits in one area for ever.

The pump seems to have a hard time staying primed when is not connected to the intake.

troy: You sure it’s algae and not sand from broken laterals in the filter? Turn the filter off and let t water sit over night and jump in and check it out

michael: It does kind of look like sand. Dont over backwash and make sure u r rinsing before putting it back to filter.

jeremy: My sand filter that I bought off Facebook had a broken stand pipe and that led to all the sand. But I scooped out about 90%. We thought it was all sand. But it’s algae.

collen: How do figure it is algae?

troy: I tossed my pool cover pump into the bottom of my pool when I got tired of vacuuming. Just hooked a hose up and let it drain out like a sump pump. – turn on a water hose to refill as you drain and go drink some beer for awhile.

jeremy: Water in my area is like gold lol. Otherwise I would do that. It’s about $700 to fill my pool.

troy: Either way, you’re goin to be vacuuming to waste if you can get the vacuum working. I don’t think you’re going to find many other ways than replacing what you vacuum out.

jeremy: Ok thank you. My mistake. I thought you meant drain the whole pool lol

troy: Nah not all of it – any type of pump will work the same as the pool vacuum, if you have more than one it will even cut the time in half. You just have to remember to keep moving the pumps to the algae. – with my pool cover pump I let it run overnight and only lost about 6 inches of water in my 18×32. And it got out most of the crap that I couldn’t get to from the deep end without me standing there vacuuming for 8 hours.

jeremy: Thanks for the help. Ill see if I can find an extra pump.

collen: $700 to fill pool? How big is this pool? How much does water cost in your area?? Where are you located at?

jeremy: Minnesota. Little town that approved a new treatment plant and the town didn’t boom. So there cost was split among the residents who do live here lol. Roughly 17000 gallons

jeremy: Water looking better today. That lil shark did an ok job. Just need to get the rest out

I really appreciate all the advice. As basically first year, pool owner, this situation has been very overwhelming.



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