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Author: - 21 May 2020 Category: Pool Designs

We are proud to offer the Scottsdale Tanning Ledge as part of our wide range of fibreglass pool and spa facilities! This beautiful fibreglass shell creates a wide 80 SQFT tanning bar that is only 1 ‘deep.

It’s a great extra feature that can be as simple or as dynamic as you like. For example, we recommend upgrading this room with a brilliant LED lighting for a surreal water show at night. The Scottsdale Tanning Ledge is not only a great place to play with young swimmers. It can also dazzle your guests and create a breathtaking view into your own garden!

Create a feature for raised waterfalls
We strongly recommend that you take full advantage of the Scottsdale Tanning Ledge. For example, this tanning edge can be raised above the surface of your pool water. By raising this section you can create a custom tanning bar with a waterfall spillover effect.

You can also place Ledge Lounger furniture or mounted bar stools in the Scottsdale Tanning Ledge. For extra flare we recommend installing a raised wall outside this tanning bar. You can close in this section for a more intimate, private environment. Fire bowls can also be placed on raised pedestals at either end of the Scottsdale Tanning Ledge. Essentially, you can create many variations of designs, making this a custom area designed for your own garden area!

Deep Tanning Ledge - pool ideas

Deep Tanning Ledge – pool ideas

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