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Any recommendations for a winter cover pump?

Author: - 11 June 2020 Category: Pool Designs

Christina: Any recommendations for a winter cover pump?

David: Best I can tell you check on Amazon seems like they’ve been having a better deals in everybody else I’ve been shopping around for one in case I need it. I have a 24 foot pool the mind’s going to run anywhere between $80 to $100. I’m looking for a long life 1 not one for a year and then have to replace it. I looked on other sites and they had the best price so far.

Christina: I was looking on Amazon….just not sure what I am looking for.

David: What size pool you have and I’ll look for you and help you.

Christina: 24 ft round.

David: Okay same as mine.

pool mate

pool mate

Christina: This allows water to drain in the pool? I was asking about a pump to get the standing water off the cover. I am using the cover that came with my pool, but I’m wondering if I should save my money on a pump and just buy a mesh cover?

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