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The Ultimate Guide to Intex Pool Care

Author: - 03 June 2020 Category: Pool Ideas

Intex pools vs. traditional pools; Compared to in-ground or above-ground models, Intex pools require less investment and no construction. Options range from simple inflatable boats to models with steel frames that you can convert into an integral part of your garden. They often include a ground cover and a dirt cover.

Intex pools often include cartridge filters and pumps, making it easier to swim quickly. The capacity of the filter pump depends on the pool size you choose. Intex pumps also have a built-in earth leakage breaker that automatically shuts off the pump when electrical current is applied to water.

Types of Intex pools
The common foundation of these above-ground pools is a lining of three-layer polymer. More elaborate versions add a frame to improve durability.

You can choose from different sizes and styles according to your needs.

Easy Set Intex Pools (inflatable)
With the smallest and simplest model you can have fun without breaking your space or investment budget. You can inflate the top ring, fill the pool and go for a swim once your water is balanced.

Easy Set pools are round and have a circumference of 2.4 m to 5.6 m and a height of 76 cm to 122 cm.

The Ultimate Guide to Intex Pool Care

The Ultimate Guide to Intex Pool Care

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