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Does anyone have a UV pool system? Tell me your opinions on it please.

Author: - 29 July 2020 Category: Swimming Pool

pete: I just had a pool put in and we got one. My water is crystal clear and I have not had to do much to it at all. Just had a water sample done yesterday and everything read just about perfect.

andrea: I had one in a spa on service last year.
You still must maintain at least 1ppm free chlorine. Uv does not prevent or kill algae. nd the bulbs need to be changed every once in a while. I had problems with it because the lady insisted no chemicals at all.

derr: I have several. It complements the chlorine very well, it’s a secondary sanitation system.

misy: Yep and it helps reduce the amount of chemicals, don’t need to shock as much and helps reduce algae growth. When the high damn dollar bulb doesn’t burn out. Waiting for mine to come in so I can change it:/

derr: That ozone, not UV. But serves the same purpose.

misy: It shoots uv light into the pipes.

derr: misy no I’m sorry. It doesn’t. that makes ozone and the ozone gets sucked into the pipes. It does however use a UV light to do it. UV sanitation however is when water passes directly by the UV light. UV sanitation and ozone uses different wavelength of light..

misy: As you said, they both serve the same purpose and no matter how it works, mine still has to have a working bulb to operate properly so not sure why its an issue??

derr: misy the mission of this group is knowledge and education. So in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. But for this group we want to make sure everybody is speaking the truth. 😊 Thanks for allowing me to elaborate.

misy: Well don’t stop the education there. Since I posted something different, give her an idea of which you prefer and why. If I’m building a pool, I want to know the facts on both. Break it down and dont overwhelm tho lol.That’s not meant to be snarky. Im serious.

Does anyone have a UV pool system? Tell me your opinions on it please.

Does anyone have a UV pool system? Tell me your opinions on it please.

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