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33+ Benefits of Above Ground Pool You Need To Know

Author: - 02 June 2020 Category: Pool Ideas

What are the advantages of an above-ground pool?
Nick Goodger, production manager for pools at Australian Outdoor Living, believes that a properly installed freestanding pool can look great in any garden.

“There are a number of ways to finish the pool after installation to make it look attractive,” he said.

“There are a few extra things you can do to make sure they look right.”

According to Nick, installing a free-standing pool on a sloping block can actually be cheaper than the alternative in the floor.

“They save you the expense of utilities like retaining walls,” he said.

“Normally you have to put a retaining wall in the ground so that it generally goes deeper into the ground than above it.”

“Installing an above-ground pool eliminates the need to install this retaining wall because we effectively go to the bottom of the hill, cut it in, and then install the pool. ”

Nick said that despite these differences, customers should not worry about how long the installation might take.

“The construction time is exactly the same – it can be installed in the same time frame as a pool in the ground,” he made clear.

Benefits of Above Ground Pool

Benefits of Above Ground Pool

Benefits of Above Ground Pool

Benefits of Above Ground Pool

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